Too Much Time At The Airport?

IMG_8160Is it possible for an avgeek to spend too much time at the airport?  My first impulse is to say, of course not! Airports are where the airplanes are – too much is never enough! However, recently I’ve noticed that the line between life at the airport and life at home is getting a little blurred. For example, I was driving the other day and saw a white truck ahead of me.  My first thought was, “Oh look, an operations vehicle.  I wonder what number it is.” (All operations vehicles on the airfield are white with red numbers on them.) Of course then I remembered that I wasn’t at the airport and the white truck… was just a white truck. Doh! Think this couldn’t happen to you? Don’t be too sure! Avgeeks are especially vulnerable.  Know the warning signs!IMG_8158

You might be spending too much time at the airport if…

– You hear school bells ringing and immediately think, “Someone is moving a jet bridge!”

– Your car breaks down and you find yourself calling for a tug instead of a tow truck.

– You prepare for security screening every time you see someone wearing a royal blue shirt.

– You wish you had a ground crew to load/unload groceries (as long as you didn’t buy eggs or anything in breakable jars).IMG_8159

– You are considering installing a de-icing pad at the end of your driveway to clear the snow off your car in the winter.

– You’d like to take pictures at the family birthday party but don’t because that would require you to delete airplane pictures from your phone.

– Then a really cool plane flies over so you make the sacrifice and reluctantly delete one of the 16 pictures you took of that interesting charter plane last week. IMG_8156

– You name your dog “Gear” just so you can yell, “Gear down!” when it tries to jump on people.

– Likewise your cats are named Cessna and Piper.

– Any time you are around or near airplanes you find yourself reaching for your SIDA badge.

– “Attention in the house, attention in the house – would the party who walked off with the TV remote please return it to the couch in the living room. Thank you.”

– You consider installing perimeter fencing around your property to keep out solicitors. IMG_8157

– You would like to do background checks, issue access badges and set up mandatory screening areas for your daughter’s boyfriends.

– The flag hanging in front of your house is a windsock.

– You use coordinates instead of an address to explain where you live.

– You want to set up a localizer in your yard just because it looks cool.

– You find yourself searching online for good deals on used Stairs Trucks.

In other news…

If you’ve read my post about Airport Jobs I Wish I Had, or my recent guest post on Capn Aux’s blog, then you know why this picture is so funny… and so incredibly scary.  I guarantee the guys at Airfield Maintenance are busy changing the locks and hiding the keys!


Yes that’s me in the driver’s seat of a snowplow. No, I’m not kidding. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

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