Odds and Ends

FullSizeRender (8)As I’ve mentioned before, there’s never a dull day at the airport.  Think things might slow down a bit over the summer? Nope! Here’s a look at  some things I’ve been investigating recently, along with another installment of random airport trivia.

The Mysterious Wall Debate – Resolved!

If you follow me on twitter then you may have participated in a recent discussion over the purpose of this wall:


The wall: not near the start of a runway, nor near any gates, nor near GA parking. What the heck is it for?

It is located next to an open grassy area, at wide point along the apron so that it is in the vicinity of gates but not close to them. Airplanes come and go past the wall all the time and are sometimes pushed back near to the wall but never directly in front of it. I have wondered for quite some time what purpose the wall serves. The majority of twitter friends felt that it is most likely a jet blast deflector or blast fence. I wasn’t so sure. For one thing, it is in a strange location for a blast fence. For another, the only thing on the other side of it is grass , which is not something that generally needs protecting. And NO all you smart-alecs out there, the wall is NOT there so ground crews can hide stairs trucks from me. I finally got the answer directly from our good friends over in Airport Operations. Drum roll please…


Fire up those engines!

It is a run-up wall! In some airports blast fences are used as run-up walls so those arguing that it must be a blast deflector are partially correct. At my airport the purpose of the wall isn’t to contain jet-blast – it’s to contain jet SOUND. Aircraft that need to test their engines (up to 80% of max) park behind the wall, which deadens the sound and prevents the neighborhood across the way from being disturbed. It does not, however, prevent my department from reveling in the full glory of jet engines firing up. OK, fine, my co-workers find it annoying.  I, on the other hand, LOVE it!

“Lighting Violations Involving Transporting Controlled Substances.”

FullSizeRender (10)Here’s another mystery I’ve been puzzling over. We are currently undergoing the rebadging process to get our SIDA credentials renewed. As part of this we have to sign a document in which we attest that we haven’t been convicted of various offences, from murder to creating a disturbance at a foreign airport to interfering with a flight crew. Most of the items on the list were self-explanatory except for “Lighting violations involving transporting controlled substances.” Huh???? Once again a twitter friend came to the rescue with a link to the explanation. The takeaway here is apparently that if you’re going to transport controlled substances (which isn’t recommended to begin with), keep your lights on! No trying to sneak your plane in without lights or, even worse, drive the stairs truck around without headlights on!

Other Bits of Randomness

– Every door at the airport is numbered. Every. Single. One. And there are some people who know each and every door number. I am NOT one of those people, so if you want me to meet you at your desk and you tell me to go through door 308B and then through door 472A , expect me to take several weeks to find you. (Yes, someone actually gave me directions to their office this way.)

IMG_6226– Airfield maintenance meets with ATC weekly to discuss runway and airfield repair and maintenance plans. These meetings are held at the ATC tower. I think it is of critical importance that I attend one of these meetings.  OK, actually I just really WANT to attend because hello – they meet in the ATC tower!!!  I’ve been assured that the meetings happen in a room on the first floor but I don’t care – I still think it would be cool.

– Thinking winter yet? The airport is. We just took delivery of over 13,000 gallons of runway deicer! That sounds like a lot of deicer but I bet it won’t be the last delivery of the year.

IMG_6321– Ever feel like you are being watched? There are over 450 cameras at the passenger airport alone! Behave yourselves people!

– What is the most annoying thing you’ve ever had to endure just to get a nice cup of coffee in the morning?  Well I had my badge inspected, my hands tested for explosives and I was patted down!  Yup – I needed coffee THAT badly!

Just for Fun…

Just to mix things up a little I thought I’d have a poll this week.  While I was in Oshkosh I ended up with a snazzy little miniature airport set complete with, among other things, a Boeing 747 and a Boeing 787.  I’d like to jazz up my cubicle a little by keeping one on my desk, but which one? Vote below and let me know!



Two fine-looking airplanes, but which should brighten up my desk?

8 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Very cool, I love learning something new especially when it comes to aviation. I never thought about the doors being numbered but it makes perfect sense. Great article Jenn ; ) I do have one small question. I realize the 747 is a iconic airliner and most everyone in the free world can tell you what one looks like. I definitely have to concede the 787 is poetry in motion and a very sexy aircraft even if it is a heavy. But what about the 737? In it’s total fleet lifetime it’s carried over 16.8 billion passengers; the equivalent of every single man, woman and child on earth flying at least twice. Then there is the 115 billion miles flown; the equivalent to approximately 624 round trips from the earth to the sun. The 180 million flights with 257.6 flight hours; the equivalent to one airplane flying more than 29,416 years nonstop surely must qualify it for an honorable mention, maybe? I can understand it not being worthy of a place on your desk but maybe it could at least come in under the stair truck, snicker. I’m just saying…..hehee!


    • For the record, I tried to find a set that had a 737 but there wasn’t one. I ended up getting a 737 sticker and hanging it on the wall. Some day I’ll get a model 737 for my desk, but for now the 747 will have to do. ;o)


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