In Sickness and in Health

B840FCF8-EF57-4FE3-A150-E3D37EC8AA15There’a an ancient curse (of unclear origins) that says: May you live in interesting times. Sadly, times are very “interesting” right now. The impact of Covid-19 has hit the world like a steam roller.

This potentially fatal illness has shuttered businesses from beauty salons to the DMV. It has closed schools and restaurants. People have been forced into quarantine. Sports have been put on hold. Gatherings and events have been canceled. Airlines and airports (and all the businesses that support them) have been decimated. It’s awful. It’s ugly. And then things REALLY took a turn for the worse. Why? Because I’m WORKING FROM HOME. What??? Nooooooooooooo!


I miss this sooo much!

Yes, I know – there are many people who would love to work from home right now but they can’t. I get it. But… being stuck in the spare bedroom, far away from my beloved airport is breaking my heart. It’s been a grand total of one week so far and things are NOT going well.

First of all, my new coworkers suck. They constantly want to be let outside. And back in again. And then back out. And in. They start screaming for a lunch break at 9:00am. And one of them ripped my potted plant out by the roots for the FOURTH time. Even worse, they know NOTHING about airplanes. They couldn’t care less.


This is what should be outside my window.

Then there’s the view out the window. BORING!!! There’s not one airplane outside. Parking a large jet out front would probably not go over so well with the neighbors. However, at this point I’m seriously considering ways to sneak a bizjet or two out there. A Gulfstream would fit in my driveway, wouldn’t it?


This is what is actually outside my window. So not OK!

And then there’s the lack of plane spotting. The only planes I can see from my garden are the ones that fly over when the 28s are in use. But it has been really cloudy so the airplane count has been an appaling 0. You read that correctly – Z.E.R.O! Even on the quietest days there is usually some activity on the airfield to watch, but now I’m deprived of even that.


Yes, I do have a large aerial photo of an airport in my home office. Doesn’t everyone?

So what is a poor avgeek going through aviation withdrawal supposed to do? Well I’ll tell ya – it isn’t pretty. I’ve got model planes lined up by the window to try to make myself feel a little better. I staged a toy stairs truck race during my coffee break this morning. I’m monitoring Live ATC and listening to aviation podcasts. Sadly, nothing helps.


Not as good as the real thing. Totally better than nothing

I guess all I can do is what millions of other people are doing – wait it out. One way or another Covid-19 will eventually be defeated. People will be ready to fly and the airlines will be back strong again. Until that time you can find me flipping through my absurdly-huge collection of airplane photos and dreaming of stairs trucks and jetbridges.

Author’s note: I want to give a special shout-out to the many, many people in the aviation industry who are showing up each day and putting in the hours to make sure air travel remains safe. I want you to know how very much you are appreciated. Hang in there, stay strong and be well. We will get through this.



8 thoughts on “In Sickness and in Health

  1. I grew up as a kid loving to visit your airport. Every year for my birthday I asked to go to the nearby restaurant that had headsets piping in ATC audio for your enjoyment while eating brunch.
    I now live thousands of miles away, so it’s great seeing the pictures!


    • Thanks so much for reading! If you don’t follow me on twitter, check it out. I post a lot of pictures there. I hope you are able to enjoy airplanes where ever you live now.


  2. Great posting! There’s so much to notice, hear, say and think about in this world emergency. Even though it’s a serious, serious situation, I believe it’s important we hold on to the human gift of humor… loved your comments on your new co-workers!


    • Thanks so much, David! Things in our industry are a bit dire at the moment and my post was originally more serious in tone. But then I decided there’s enough seriousness around right now and that a little humor might be appreciated. 😊


  3. Thanks for a moment of relief. Been stressed to the max lately, so…your column was a welcomed respite! Yes, serious and sobering times but there is no better “cure” than to accept the reality and deal with it best we can. I too..have noticed the lack of activity in the skies….I live near Savannah area traffic. But what I miss most is the “boys”…(men)…. flying back from practice sorties to MCAS Beaufort…..that is probably only due to the fact that I recently moved away from that flight pattern. Please keep up the updates as best as you can. We need and welcome them!


  4. Thanks for all your fantastic posts! Sorry there hasnt been much to post on these days. I work right across the street from the airport, and had 2 missions to get back flying after 8 long years scrubbed by weather, and then… This. AND my dad asked me about going to Osh Kosh before all this broke…
    I hope all the wonderful people working to fight this give it an extra punch for me (and anyone else who might want a free shot!)
    I look forward to more updates when this thing gets under control, until then, stay safe!


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