Feeling the Love

IMG_1395Soon after I started this blog several people mentioned that it reminded them of how much they used to enjoy the airport… before they had to deal with it every day. After months/years of the “daily grind”, the airport lost its magic somehow. I remember being a bit dismayed. Lose its magic? Oh dear! Will that happen to me too? Well fear not intrepid readers – I’m happy to report that after over a year on the job I still love the airport as much as I did the day I first walked in the door!

The Airplanes

IMG_0976I don’t care how much of a grind my job gets to be, I don’t see anything ever changing my love of airplanes. I’ve seen more planes take off, land and taxi by the window than I can possibly count and I still get just as excited every time. Airplanes are never boring to me.  Besides, I never know what might fly in.  F-18s, T-38s, KC-135s, and AirForce 2 have all “dropped by” while I’ve been there. Plus I’ve seen some really cool business jets. And you never know what chartered airplane might be sitting on the ramp.  There is always something new and interesting to see.

The Ground Equipment

IMG_1405Thought I might not like snowplows as much now that I’ve sat in one? Wrong!!! Sure, I sat in one, but not while it was snowing. Or on a runway. Or in a convoy. Or at night. I still love broom trucks too. And I still love deicing rigs. And ARFF equipment. And mobile conveyors. Basically, if it gets to go tooling around the airfield then I’m a fan. Well… OK, I’m not a fan of the honey wagons (aka lav trucks). Sorry, but I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere!

The Mobile Stairs

IMG_1398Be honest – when I didn’t mention the mobile stairs in that last paragraph you thought maybe, just maybe, I’d gotten over my thing for stairs trucks. Nope! They are still my favorite piece of ground equipment! About a year ago someone with a sick sense of humor parked a set of motorized stairs outside my office where I would have to see it day after day. Can you believe it is STILL parked there – nearly a year later? That’s cruel and unusual punishment! I found out recently that the airport conducts auctions periodically to sell off assets that are no longer needed. I asked if we ever sell stairs trucks and I got a blank stare in return. I had to explain what a stairs truck is.  Again.  Clearly, I still have work to do!

Things to Look Forward to


I love that the newest K-9 got his picture in the newsletter, just like every other new employee!

There are some interesting events ahead this year.  We’re getting a new airline in May.  Well, sort-of new.  They used to fly to my airport but then stopped a couple years ago.  But now they’re coming back and I’m sure there will be quite a bit of fanfare over their return.  Speaking of fanfare, we’re just about done with all the construction. Hooray! There is going to be quite a celebration, including the opening of a new gallery featuring interesting artifacts and pieces of airport history.  Resurfacing the north runway is scheduled to begin in just a couple months.  That means the south runway is going to be a busy place.  Right now I do a lot of running back and forth trying to catch as much of the action on both runways as possible, but for 6 months all the action will be going on right outside the department windows. Yay!  We are still hoping to make a trip over to Flight Safety to see the simulators.  I can’t tell you how awesome that would be! I get super excited just thinking about it. Keep your fingers crossed – I promise I’ll keep you posted!IMG_0948


11 thoughts on “Feeling the Love

  1. I’ve been told the same thing about flying in general — how they used to enjoy it back in the days when airline travel was something special instead of on par with a Greyhound bus ride. Thankfully, general aviation, corporate, fractional, and charter flying still have the old magic!


  2. LOVE your blog… the time it takes for a new one is interminable sometimes

    other than money, time, or health, is there a reason you’re not a pilot?

    keep it up girl!


    • Wow! Thanks so much Mike! I try to get a new post up every other week but sometimes extenuating circumstances prevent that from happening. As for being a pilot, I’ll add you to the growing list of people who are trying hard to get me to give it a try. I’m still not convinced I’m pilot material, but you never know. If I ever decide to give it a go you can bet I’ll blog about it! :o) Thanks again for reading!


      • When you went to Oshkosh, did you have the joy of flying in? I used to work for AVEMCO, and flew in a few times, in a 182 and a 210. Still get goosebumps just thinking of the trip. Oh my!


      • Sadly, I did not. I can only imagine how cool that would be! How awesome that you’ve gotten the chance to do it – and more than once! I have, of course, listened to ATC work their magic while watching the planes fly in. What amazing choreography!


  3. Love your fire as always Jen. It amazes me how many people in aviation don’t even like planes. Many of the did at one point but lost their zeal for some reason. I just love them more and more each day. I actually kind of miss working at the FBO because of the random planes and people that would come through. Even though you were doing essentially the same job it was never quite the same.

    I concur with Mike, you should at the very least go take a discovery flight for the experience. You will never see flying the same way after you have seen it from a small plane.


    • Thanks so much for reading David! I have often thought working for an FBO would be quite interesting for the exact same reason – always something new to see. I’m glad there are people like you and me who manage to work in aviation and still love it. We are truly the lucky ones! As for flight lessons, you never know! ;o)


  4. Another great blog, Jennifer. That you get to work in the middle of what you love, how cool is that? When I travel, I can’t get any work done at the airport – about everything passing my view is a “SQUIRREL!” moment. Thanks again for sharing your passion. And add me to the list of people urging you to go airborne – I bet you’d be a natural.


  5. Found your blog today and read from the first to the present. Your words convey love and enthusiasm of aviation. It is truly a delight to follow you. As so many here have expressed you are someone that should experience the joy of flight with yourself in control. A few lessons in a GA aircraft and I’m sure you will fall in love with aviation even more if that is even possible!! Wow you have even been to Oshkosh!!


    • Halloo Peter! Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words! I do love aviation quite a bit and I love working for a place that allows me to be immersed in it every day. I will add you to the list of people encouraging me to consider lessons. I promise to keep you all posted! Thanks again – comments like this always make my day!


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