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Author’s note: My apologies for the long delay between posts.  I took ill rather suddenly right after I published my last post.  I required emergency surgery which sidelined me for several weeks.  I am finally on the mend and ready to get back to being an aviation fan-girl running loose at the airport and (of course) blogging all about it.


By Zzubnik (Own work) Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

I’ll admit, for a long time I wasn’t a podcast listener. I knew what they were (sort-of) but didn’t figure that there were any out there that would be of interest to me. Boy was I so totally WRONG!!! Beginning last summer I began making a series of long drives back home to visit my ailing father. In search of something aviation-related to listen to while driving I decided to download a few aviation podcasts that had been recommended by friends. Those few led me to others and the next thing I knew, I’d become a regular podcast listener.

What makes podcasts so awesome? Not only do they provide a lot of excellent, detailed information on the world of aviation, but they also come with really wonderful communities of listeners who encourage and support each other. I discussed two of my favorite podcasts in my last post Airplane Geeks and Plane Talking UK. However, there are several other amazing podcasts out there that you really don’t want to miss!

IMG_3607 (1)Airline Pilot Guy

This podcast is hosted by Captain Jeff Nielsen, who flies for a major US carrier. Originally a one-man show, Jeff has since added several co-hosts including Miami Rick, who recently added the 747 to the long list of Boeing airplanes he knows how to fly, Dr Steph, a physician and general aviation pilot, and Captain Nick who flies A330s/A340s for a major UK carrier.  The podcast covers the latest aviation news as well as addressing items of interest and questions sent in by listeners.

Aside from being incredibly informative, the show is just plain fun. Jeff and his co-hosts broadcast live, usually via Youtube, but you can listen to the recorded podcast any time. That said, if you get a chance to watch it live, DO IT! Seriously, the comments and discussion in the chat room in combination with the live podcast are typically completely hilarious. It never fails to lift my spirits. In fact, I always watch the show live and then go back listen to the podcast. I almost always learn something that I missed the first time and I find that I laugh just as much.

One of my favorite episodes: Secret Number Two   Really you could pick just about any episode – they are all great.  However, this is a recent one in which they cover an accident involving a Cirrus SR20 and I thought the discussion was very insightful.

IMG_3608Plane Safety Podcast

This little gem of a podcast is hosted by Pip, a pilot for a European airline. As the name suggests, this podcast focuses on the safety aspects of aviation. Pip discusses many of the day to day issues faced by pilots and airlines, often drawing from current events.  He also has several episodes in which he reviews well-known aviation incidents from the past, points out some of the key contributing factors and highlights how they have influenced the policies and procedures of today. When he isn’t discussing safety, Pip often talks about his latest trip which gives the listener a behind-the-scenes look at what life as a pilot is really like.

One of my favorite episodes: Nats, Brexit and the Millenium Falcon No, I did not pick this because it is the most recent episode (although it is). I chose this because it includes an interview with an experienced First Officer that is the BEST INTERVIEW EVER.  Seriously, check it out.


Hosted by Chris Palmer, a private pilot and founder of Angle of Attack, this podcast features guests and topics that focus on general aviation and flight training. Chris is passionate about encouraging current and future pilots, and it really shines through in the way he talks about flying.

One of my favorite episodes: My Scariest Pilot Moment I think it takes a lot of guts to share a frightening or difficult moment that you’ve had as a pilot.  I really like that Chris was willing to put this out there so that others can learn from his experience.

IMG_3609Flying and Life

Hosted by Mike, who works for a major US carrier, this podcast gives us a detailed look into the world of an airline dispatcher. I have always wondered just what exactly a dispatcher does, so I really enjoy this podcast and I have learned a lot. For example, did you know that a dispatcher shares operational control with the captain of the flight?  Me either! It is pretty incredible all the things that dispatchers are responsible for.

One of my favorite episodes: Building Routes Part 1 Wow! A lot of thought goes into what route you’ll be flying the next time you head out on vacation!

IMG_3601Some Podcast Regulars You Should Follow:

There are several folks who don’t have podcasts of their own, but often contribute to the podcasts listed above. If you are interested in aviation and/or podcasting, I recommend giving these guys a follow on twitter:

Micah (Airplane Geeks, Plane Talking UK, Airline Pilot Guy): Micah uses his background in radio to submit amazing pieces of audio feedback that are amusing, poignant and never fail to get you thinking.

Captain Al (Plane Talking UK, Plane Safety Podcast, Airline Pilot Guy): Al’s background as a captain with a major UK airline allows him to add valuable experience and perspective on pretty much any aviation topic.

Nevil (Plane Talking UK, Airline Pilot Guy):Nevil is an aviation enthusiast who is also a self-proclaimed analogue recording geek.  Enough said.


13 thoughts on “Blog Post About (Aviation) Podcasts

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Airplane Pilot Guy is a staple of my week. Another good podcast is Gump Check. It is not good to listen to with kids around but is an interesting look at an FBO and the guys who work there trying to learn to fly. It’s worth checking out.


  2. Another great post, Jen. Love postcasts (especially of the airplane variety) always entertaining & informative! Glad that you are on the mend!


  3. So good to hear from you. Had us worried for awhile. My previous favorite blogger, Capt Dave, disappeared suddenly with no explanation. Promise you’ll never do that to us.

    Glad you’re past your health issues, hope there are no lasting effects. Too young and vibrant to be bogged down with health stuff! Hope your ailing father is also on the mend.

    Anyway, looking forward to dialing up a few of these. I’m guessing I’ll be wishing for a longer commute.


    • Thanks so much Mike! I’m doing much better now. Sadly, my father passed away in January. It’s OK though – it was his time and we are all at peace with it. Enjoy the podcasts! I listen on my commutes, when I’m exercising, when I’m running errands… any time I have a moment and need an aviation fix. LOL! Thanks again for reading! And I promise I’ll try not to disappear on you. :o)


  4. I must admit I don’t listen to some of those you mention. There just too many to listen to the Airplane geeks is the first one. I listened to after meeting David Vanderhoof and Rob Mark at my first Oshkosh. Then I got into other ones like plane crazy down under. I only started with APG after meeting Rick at Oshkosh last year. Now I have APG syndrome (said in deep voice) LOL. Of course I now follow a lot of regulars on social media which is fun. Looking forward to meeting as many APG listeners as possible at Oshkosh this year.


    • Thanks for reading Glen! I agree – there are a lot of great podcasts out there. It can be hard to keep up with them all. I’m a big fan of the Airplane Geeks (as I wrote about in my last post). It was a TREMENDOUS honor to be on their show. As for APG Syndrome, I am also afflicted. Can’t wait to meet you and hopefully a bunch of other APGers at Oshkosh!


  5. If you catch up on all those podcasts there’s one more you might want to add to your list, TALKING FLIGHT. There are only 16 episodes and the pilot and host seems to have retired. They are fascinating, especially the ones about some of the first flights to Russia. They are hosted by Alaska Airlines captain Mike Swanigan and he mostly interviews other pilots as well as others within Alaska airlines.


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    • Thanks (as always) for reading JC! If you come across other cool podcasts, please feel free to share! Hope you enjoy the ones I mentioned. You’d probably have some great feedback to contribute. :o)


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